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Did you know it may be a legal requirement for your business to have pest control?  Dealing with pest control in a commercial environment is often overlooked or carried out without the correct considerations to legal, environmental and insurance requirements.

At Control Pest Delete we ensure that our service is suitable for your requirements, that we follow current legislation and adhere to the CRRU (Code for Responsible Rodenticide Use).

We provide all of our commercial clients with a comprehensive pack that includes full QHSSE documentation for their site.  

Contact us today either by calling 01502 678101 or using the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of this page to find out how we can help your business or to arrange a  'Free of Charge, No Obligation' Survey.

We carry out a full, free of charge survey of your premises, following which we will propose a treatment plan & recommendations and we will work with you to get a solution that meets your budget and requirements.   

QHSSE Packs Include The Following as a Minimum

Site Survey

Risk Assessments

COSHH Assessments

Environmental Assessments

Treatment Reports for Every Visit

Business Services 

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